I just read a NYTimes article about “Net Nutrality”, which is an important concept.

You see, some bright boys running Internet Service Providers have come up with the brilliant idea to give preferential treatment (i.e. faster connections) to sites that are willing and able to pay them higher fees.

This kind of thing means that for example, Wal-Mart’s site would load really fast because they paid higher fees, while a small time operator that cannot match Wal-Mart’s budget would be crippled by much slower data connections that would cause their site to take a lot longer to load.

This difference in performance would give an incredible advantage to the richer corporations and leave the little guy stuck in a digital backwater that doesn’t even have a chance to get the same level of traffic as his wealthier competitors

A similar idea would be if phone companies did the same thing, a richer business would be more likely to receive your phone calls than a smaller one, because the smaller one would not be able to pay for the guarantee that callers could reach them.

The internet is, like telephone, a service. That service should, like telephone service, be equally available to everyone. One service may charge differently than another but the basic connectivity involved is, and should remain, a given… not an extra.

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