For quite a while now I’ve been on something of a quest for “the perfect game”.  It involves finding games that can run on my system without having to get additional or newer hardware and won’t break anything that’s already working.  In terms of the game itself, I’m a long time fan of the first person shooter and strategy / simulation type games.

This has been an ongoing quest for probably three or four years now.  Every once in a while I start browsing sale pages and see what’s out there, taking time to revisit games I’ve looked over in the past (looking for possible discounts and such) and of course checking out the newer stuff that’s shown up since the last time I looked.

battlestations pacificThis time around I found an action strategy game called “Battlestations: Pacific”.  This is a WWII game that picks up where an earlier game, “Battlestations: Midway” ended.

Looking over the game description there’s a lot to recommend it.  A combat and strategic warfare game that not only lets you direct entire campaigns, it also allows you to take personal control of any aircraft, ship or subs in the game.  This not only satisfies the first person aspect, it also allows an interesting variation where you can coordinate air surface vessels and submarine attacks on a scale that I haven’t seen before.

It’s also got a “skirmish mode” that allows multiplayer action against the game’s AI.  All in all it looks really good.  I haven’t checked out it’s system requirements yet but I’m going to be doing that soon, hoping that they’re within the capabilities of my computer without needing new or upgraded hardware.

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