I’m sure that some people will see the title of this post and go “big hairy deal” but for me the fact that I’m actually losing weight is actually quite significant.  Especially since over the last six or seven years I’ve done almost nothing but GAIN weight.

Roughly six months ago I tipped the scales at a whopping 348 pounds.  About two months later I had dropped to 328, which was at least a start moving in the right direction.  Last week I stepped on a scale for the first time in four months or so and was greeted with my first sub-300 weight in nearly four years or more at 288!

Obviously this is good news but I’ve also been wondering what I should be aiming for as a target weight before I run out and load up on a supply of ephedrine or Acai berry.  Then just tonight I hit on the solution.

Just as a guide I decided to check out a Body Mass Index calculator.  I started by plugging the numbers in for when I was at 348lbs which told me that at that point my BMI was a whopping 43.5 which classed me as “morbidly obese”.  A term that always translated itself in my head as “dead fat”.

Then I ran the calculation for 328lbs and the BMI was 41.  Better but still needs a lot of improvement.  The next one was for my current weight of 288lbs.  That came out at an encouraging 36.

Next I entered several lower weights to find out what weight I should aim for to get a BMI in the middle of the “healthy” range.  After a few minutes I found that a weight of 165lbs would give me a BMI of 20.6 and 180lbs would give me a 22.5

I realize that these numbers aren’t carved in stone but they do give me something of a goal to shoot for.

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