In my last post I talked about the fact that I”m now losing weight and about how I used BMI calculations to decide on a target weight to use as a goal in my efforts to lose the rest of the unneeded and unwanted weight.

Today I was browsing a sale page and saw something that I think will help a lot.  You see, I’ve never been one that actually enjoys exercise or just about any outdoor sport or other intense physical activity.  Especially with the heat that we have this time of year. (and it’s going to do nothing but get hotter over the next two months or so!)

I’ve never been one that could tolerate the heat and over the years that’s only gotten worse.  This means that any exercise I do is going to have to be inside where the air conditioner is running to keep things tolerable.  I do have a treadmill and it helps but lets be honest here, walking on a treadmill can get massively boring really fast.

wiiThen I saw the ad for the Wii game system.  Because of it’s singularly unique controller design, just using it to play games can get to be a fairly intense aerobic workout.

The benefits here are obvious if you think about it.  All that activity speeds up the metabolism which helps burn off calories, carbs, fat (however you want to count it).  It helps improve muscle tone and overall physical endurance.  It may have been designed as a game system but it’s got some obvious advantages as part of a weight loss regimen.

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