My Freeroll Adventure

July 15th, 2009 | Posted in Games / Contests | 6 Comments

There was a time a few years back that the idea of getting serious about playing poker was probably the farthest thing from my mind.  Then one day my wife was surfing around trying to find something worth watching on cable and running into the ironic problem of having sixty some channels and nothing to watch.  Then she landed on the Travel channel where she found, of all things, a World Poker Tour tournament game.  She had her doubts at first but because there simply wasn’t anything else fit to watch anywhere else, she started watching.  It didn’t take long for her to pretty much become hooked, watching for strategies and mistakes on the part of the players.

When she told me about it and how fascinating she fount it I have to admit I was extremely doubtful that I’d actually enjoy watching that but because she was so interested I sat down with her the next week it was on and watched.  I started out with the attitude that I’d rather accompany her to a white sale on black Friday but it didn’t take long for me to see the fascination.  The strategy and tactics these guys were using.  How one guy could take a hand that had no right winning and claim a million dollar pot with it.  That was it, I was hooked, Texas Hold’em Poker was my new favorite pastime.

full tilt poker strategy guide

You see, the thing that interested me about poker was the fact that it’s the kind of skill based game that anybody can learn, play and even be seriously successful at.  For example it was in the 2008 World Series Of Poker Main Event that there was a guy (Hal Lubarsky) playing that couldn’t even SEE the cards.  Because of this the tournament people allowed him to have a helper whose job it was to simply tell him what cards were showing where.  This blind player not only played, but cashed in that tournament and he walked away with $51,398 in prize money

Given a success story like that, it’s obvious that anyone has the ability to play and even win big.  However I’m also well aware that there’s a good deal of learning involved, that’s why there’s so many books on poker strategy.  Books written by successful, even legendary players like Doyle Brunson, T.J. Cloutier, Daniel Negranu and many others.  One that I’m planning to get soon is the Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide.  One description I saw of this book calls it “The greatest poker players on the planet deliver the most valuable and comprehensive tournament strategy guide ever assembled.”

It’s loaded cover to cover with tournament strategy tips from such Ace players as Andy Bloch, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Mike (the mouth) Matusow, Ted Forrest, Phil Gordon and more.  I figure that since each and every one of these people have made millions playing Texas Hold’em, they probably know pretty much what they’re talking about and I want to squeeze every bit of information out of all of ’em that I can.

You can laugh or disbelieve if you want but I fully intend to some day be sitting at the final table of the WSOP Main Event and have the shot to beat each and every one of these people.  What’s more, I intend to do it without investing in anything other than a book or six like this one.

The key to being able to do this is Freeroll tournaments.  These are games that cost nothing to enter and pay out cash prizes to the top finishers.  My idea is to use winnings from Freeroll tournaments to bankroll real money games.  Starting first with “micro stakes” games with a buy in of $1.00 (or less) and building the bankroll until it’s possible to play in successively higher and higher stakes games.  That, combined with continuing to play freeroll tournaments, especially those that are actually satellites into bigger tournaments with bigger prizes.

I *know* this is possible.  Last year at the WSOP Main Event (that’s the biggest game of the season with over 6,000 people buying in at $10,000 a seat) there was a guy sitting at the final table that had literally won his way there.  He started out playing freeroll online games like I’m planning to do.  If I remember right, He finished 3rd or 4th taking home well over $300,000 cold hard cash.

As for me, the next step on my Freeroll Adventure starts in about half an hour after I hit “publish” for this post.  I am entered in the “$20K Record Breaker Freeroll” where the top 4,000 finishers will get a free entry into “The Record Breaker”, a tournament where Full Tilt Poker is attempting to break the Guinness world record for the most players in a single tournament.  This satellite tournament alone is expected to have 30,000 players registered by the time it starts.  For the record breaker game itself, I don’t know what they’re expecting, but the game info says it’s set to allow up to 50,000 players to start.  That ought to be a blast!

See you at the final table!

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6 Responses to “My Freeroll Adventure”

  1. While I do not play at full tilt I did read how jesus put up that page to go from freerolls to 10k in cash and he achieved it in just under six months if I remember correctly.

    If I could get over PKR I might try full tilt one day.

    How did you go?

  2. First up I have to say that it really annoys the snot out of me when people call Chris Ferguson “Jesus”.  I realize that it’s because of his appearance but seriously, he may be a great guy and a fantastic poker player but “Jesus” he ain’t.

    As for the tournament, I *just* managed to finish in the money, earning a $0.14 cent payout.  Small I know, but it’s a start and there WILL be more.

  3. You will have to ignore my Jesus comment. You see for me the name Jesus means nothing but any other name on this world, it holds no relevance or special meaning to me.

    0.14 cents huh? A lot of people would struggle to come in the money at all so I would say a job well done.
    .-= Ray´s last blog ..Watch this space. =-.

  4. I realize that there’s a lot of people who, like you, attach no significance to the name of Jesus and that’s a choice for each person to make.  The part that bugs me is that very often when somebody decides that His name isn’t anything special they don’t seem to have any respect for those to whom His name *IS* important.

    0.14 cents: I agree, I’ve made the money twice now, the second time for $2.00, out of twenty or so tournaments since I recently started playing freerolls regularly.

  5. Freerolls are a cool way to get expierence and usually just by playing slow can get within striking range.

  6. I’ve noticed the bit about playing slow.  What I don’t get is why more players don’t do that.  Then again it’d be moot if they did wouldn’t it?  Since I’ve started playing tighter and slower I have found that I’ll last three to four times longer in any tournament than I used to.