Update And Weight Loss

July 31st, 2009 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff | 4 Comments

It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t written anything here in a couple weeks so I figured I could get started again with an update or two.

Earlier this month I also talked about losing weight.  I can’t say much about my progress because I actually don’t own a scale, however I do feel like I’m making progress because it’s getting just a bit easier to see past the “spare tire”.

In spite of that I’m also sure that the progress is slow and not likely to get much faster.  I’ve even spent some time looking up diet pill reviews with the thought of possibly getting a bit of help with speeding up progress.  I haven’t decided whether or not to try that and I won’t until I get the doctor’s input.

In a recent post I was talking about a couple of really big freeroll poker tournaments, the “$20K Record Breaker Freeroll” and “The Record Breaker” at Full Tilt poker.  For the first of them I did actually cash in that game, winning $0.14 cents.  Not much, hardly anything in fact.  However it’s still my first time cashing in a tournament with real money payouts so I’m not complaining.

The next one, “The Record Breaker”, didn’t end nearly so well.  I finished nearly 17,000 places away from the money. This hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm however, since there’s more freerolls all the time.

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4 Responses to “Update And Weight Loss”

  1. I need to loos some weight :( Any advice to do it fast and secure?

  2. I can’t say how fast it will be for you because everyone’s metabolism is different however what I’ve been doing so far is to eat less, eat healthiers (less carbs, sugars & fats) and combine that with a light exercise activity that elevates your heart rate for about 20 minutes a day three times (or more) per week.  Finally don’t take my advice as gospel, check with your doctor, he knows your health situation and I don’t.

  3. people really are into the whole diet thing now, but the problem is, out of all the diets that have been invented or conceptualized.. noone really knows what works.

  4. On the contrary, in most cases there is at least one plan that almost always works.  That’s the one where you combine reasonable exercise (the 20 min a day, three times a week thing is a good example) with changing your eating habits to include healthier foods and eating a little less.