I’ve just read something on Slashdot that’s served to harden my resolve to never do business with a cable tv provider again.

Recently at CableLab’s semi-annual “Innovation Showcase”, the item that was voted “best new product” is something produced by a company called PrimeSense.  It’s something that allows digital devices to “see” a 3-D view of the area around it.  The view is supposed to look like a thermal imaging picture and it’s purpose is to allow the cable company’s set-top-box to know how many people are watching at any given time.

Right away I can say that anybody that want’s to put something like this on anything in my home had better take time out first to find a good life insurance quote ’cause they’re gonna need it if I catch ’em at it.  My advise to anyone with cable tv is that if you insist on keeping the service, find out if and when they plan to implement something like this and look into finding out ways to blind it without cutting off your cable service.  Me, I’m going to continue avoiding cable tv services like the plague.

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