It’s not often that I’m glad something is gone but in this case I have to make an exception since what appears to be missing is a set of neighbors that have a history of being particularly unpleasant to live near.

If it wasn’t the >used rv for sale parked in the front yard for six months it was the alleged music that often came blaring out of the garage loud enough to be heard in my house with the doors and windows shut.

Of course, they weren’t satisfied with just turning the music loud enough to draw complaints from an international airport, they had to put an equalizer in the circuit, add these huge-mongous speakers and turn the bass all the way up so that not only could it be heard, it could be felt to the point of making me physically ill just being on the same block.

Then there was the fourth of July.  They liked to set off bottle rockets and roman candles, which I normally wouldn’t care about, except they had a habit of aiming them across at our house or at passing cars (fortunately there isn’t many of those here in the backwoods).

The icing on this particular cake was the gunfire.  This is NOT something you normally would expect to have a problem with out here so far from the big city and all of it’s woes but we had it nonetheless.  On no less than three occasions over the years there was the distinct, unmistakable sound of a .357 being fired multiple times.  One of those occasions resulting in somebody they were arguing with being shot a couple of times.  Honestly, how the whole pack managed to never get hauled off to jail I’ll never understand.

In any event, there’s been people loading a trailer a couple of times a day for a week now and suddenly there’s little to no activity there in the daytime and absolutely none at night.  I think everybody for blocks will sleep easier now.

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