I don’t honestly thing that I’ve ever had 20/20 vision.  Back when I was six years old I got my first pair of glasses which I was supposed to wear for reading.  By the time I was twelve years old I had a much stronger prescription and I was wearing them full time.  Over the years my lenses had to be stronger and stronger.  In my early forties I made the change from single vision to bifocals because anything that corrected for distance made focusing close all but impossible.

At this point I’m looking forward to my next eye exam because for the last several months my vision has changed enough that I’ve actually had to use the bottom part of the bifocals to see things up to twenty feet away like the clock across the room or when watching TV.

This lack of focus up close includes anything at a normal reading distance, including my computer monitor.  A few months ago I actually had to increase the default font size that Windows used in order to be able to read anything on screen without magnifying it.

Samsung Widescreen LCD MonitorThen I saw a widescreen LCD monitor and suddenly I had a brilliant idea.

Why not use it for a computer monitor?  I realize that things like this are primarily intended to be used as TV displays but I can’t help thinking that it shouldn’t be a big problem to find the necessary adapters and cables on sale and I’d be able to replace my 17 inch CRT with this 21inch flat screen LCD.  Not only that, but since LCD’s use a lot less power than CRT’s do, it would cut my electric bill and even be “environmentally friendly”

(I refuse to say “green“, I HATE that term with a passion because of how overused it is.)

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