I was watching Regis and Kelly yesterday and I can’t help but wonder why
it is that some things get built up into the big deal they end up as
when there’s no reason.

Seems that Clay Akins was guest hosting and during the course of an
interview, put his hand over Kelly Ripa’s mouth. She objected, told him
that was a "no no" and commented that she didn’t have any idea where his
hand had been.

Later, on ‘The View’ (which I don’t normally watch), Rosie O’Donnell
commets about the
"incident" and calls Kelly’s statement about not
knowing where they guy’s hand had been "homophobic".

I can’t help it, I’ve got a problem with that.  Why is it that some
people need to say that every word or gesture that they have the
slightest problem with is homophobic?  This situation as an example:
there was nothing homophobic about it.  Somebody objected to somebody
else having put his hand over her face. The sexual orientation of either
party has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!

What DOES have to do with it is

A) That act was just plain rude and impolite.  I don’t care WHO you are
or who you’re doing it to or why you’re doing it, you just don’t do
things like that.  Kelly Ripa was actually quite nice about it too.  Put
your hand over MY face and see what happens … and I’ll say right now
that I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters if you’re gay, green or a Fargin
Martian in love with a tree stump… you have equal chances to get
seriously hurt no matter what your "orientation" is.

B) When she said "I don’t know where that hand’s been." she was voicing
a legitimate concern.  Again, it had NOTHING to do with his
"orientation".  It had to do with practical considerations like, when
was the last time he washed?  Had he been to the restroom recently and
did he wash after?  Was he carrying any kind of flu or whatever
sickness?  Was he just picking his nose before he came out on stage? 
These and many more reasons exist why somebody would object to having
somebody’s hand in their face.  None of them have anything to do with
sexual orientation or "homophobia".

And by the way, Just because I KNOW somebody’s going to read this and
decide to say that I’m "Homophobic" I wanna say this.  The word means
"Fear of homosexuals", and I’m not the least bit afraid of your sexual
preference.  I would never make that choice for myself, I am sickened by
it, I pity you because I believe you’re making a really bad choice, but
I’m not the least bit afraid of it.  You or your choices don’t threaten
me in the least.  I’m easily man enough to let you choose disease and
damnation if you’re that dead set to have it.

People yelling "Homophobia" every time someone doesn’t like your choice
is asinine.  You made a choice, live with it or change it that’s up to
you, but allow the rest of us to make OUR choices and shut up about
homophobia.  You don’t have the slightest idea what others may or may
not be afraid of and you’re not in the least bit qualified to say what
somebody else’s fears are.  It’s not homophobia to disagree with you,
it’s everybody’s right.

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