I just saw an item on the ABCnews blog about how the Federal Trade Commission has a new rule on the books as of Sept. 1st that specifically prohibits automated calls.

The problem with this ruling is that it comes with some exceptions.  If you’ve agreed to receive such calls (who would do that?!?).  (note: one of the ways that you can “agree” to such calls is if it’s embedded in the terms of anything that you sign up for online, so it’s a really good idea to actually READ the terms before signing up for something!)

Then there’s the bigger exceptions, political organizations, most charitable organizations, banks and telephone companies, and a few others.  Frankly, I don’t care for the exceptions at all, especially the political calls.  I automatically hang up on those as soon as I know that’s what it is.  If they really want to talk to me, they’d best get a human on the phone.

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