Something over a year ago I began work on a short Star Wars parody, partly because I wanted to have some fun with lightsabers in a video and partly because I just plain liked the idea.  Besides, once I thought of it, it just wouldn’t go away so I got out my (at the time) new camcorder and shot some footage and began work on frame by frame rotoscoping to create the lightsabers.

After about a month and a half or so of working on it in my spare time I was actually close to finished when the project had to be sidelined because of more important things going on.  I’ve only recently found the unfinished project and completed it.  And yes, it actually did take that long in spite of how short the action really is.  I realize that this kind of video looks like it’s be some of the best fat burner exercises around but in truth shooting the original footage only took about three minutes.

The part that took so long was the rotoscoping work to create the lightsabers.  They had to be inserted into each frame of video and at 30 frames per second that’s a LOT of editing to do.  Each blade has at least one and sometimes two layers of editing, each layer represents another trip through every frame of video so that’s four editing passes plus a fifth to add in the sparking flashes when the two blades meet and then a sixth to add the force lightning.

It’s painstaking work and I’m not even CLOSE to being as skilled as the guys at Lucasfilm or ILM but I think that the results are easily worth it and yes, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

[Edited 11/19/09 Because I decided to take the original video down, replace the music and re-upload.  Click the (more info) link on the YouTube page for this video for full details]

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