Google Partners with Earthlink in Municipal Wi-Fi

February 25th, 2006 | Posted in Internet, Technology | Comments Off on Google Partners with Earthlink in Municipal Wi-Fi

In an article on Slashdot:

tsalaroth writes “ has an interesting article regarding the San Francisco Wi-Fi bids. Apparently, Google and Earthlink bid separately for building the municiple Wi-Fi, but have now joined forces. From the article: ‘In this proposal, Google will provide a free WiFi service citywide and EarthLink will serve as the premium service provider.'” >

Google Partners with Earthlink in Municipal Wi-Fi

If this goes through, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t, we’ll eventually see a point in which most major metropolitan areas are covered by free WiFi hotspots. Granted, Google is doing this to increase the number of people that see it’s advertising, and Earthlink is simply in it for the money that people will be willing to pay for the faster “Premium Service”. The longterm effect is that internet connectivity is going to become as common and portable as cellular phones have made telephone service. Eventually all you’ll need is a laptop with a wireless network card and you’re connected from nearly anywhere.

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