In any quest to lose weight like the one I’m trying to make progress on, one of the more important things is being able to track your progress (or the lack thereof).  This means weighing in at some kind of regular interval.  I know that some will do so every day but I figure that day to day fluctuations can make for enough discouragement that I’d prefer to weigh in no more than once, maybe twice a week.  However that brings me to the problem that I’ve got with it.

I actually don’t have a scale.  So, I started looking around and reading reviews etc., looking for a decent scale that is at least reasonably accurate.  If it’s got other “extra” features, so much the better. The first thing I found out is that not a whole lot of stores seem to even carry scales anymore (at least not in this part of the backwoods).

The second problem is that the ones that I have found so far are rather, um, pricey to say the least.  When a scale is on sale for $89 I have to wonder about the sanity of whoever set the price.

Body Fat Analyzer ScaleOver the last week, I must have spent something like twelve or fifteen hours looking at scales being sold online and I think that all that searching has finally paid off.  Right now I’m leaning toward this Body Fat Analyzer Scale.  Not only can it be had for $43 including shipping, it’s got some interesting “extra” features like being able to measure body fat and body water, calculate BMI and more.

The one thing I’m not sure about is it’s weight capacity.  It’s rated for up to 330 pounds.  I weighed at the doctors office a few weeks ago at 330 and I *know* that I’ve gained some since then.  That leads me to wonder how much over it’s rated capacity it can go without breaking.  This means I’ll need to email the manufacturer to find out.  The alternative is to keep looking until I find one that can go up to 350 pounds.

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