Whatever Happened To Affordable (cheap!) Computer Desk Chairs?

October 12th, 2009 | Posted in Un Sorted | 1 Comment

<rant>I’m sitting here in an old, broken down wooden straight backed chair that is held together with a combination of coat hanger wire and duct tape.  It’s probably thirty years old at least and because way back then people who design furniture actually intended stuff to last for a long time, it’s still holding together (with some help).  However even this old faithful chair is getting closer and closer to the end of it’s time as useful furniture.

The original cushion has long since bit the dust.  In fact, it’s actually turned to dust.  Last year I cut a six inch thick piece of mattress foam to the shape of the seat and use that to soften the damage that it was doing to my backside but then there’s other lovely features it has.

Like any time I move, the chair creeks and all the joints seem to shift like it’s going to fall apart any moment.  It seems like every day or two I’m having to take time to locate some piece of it that fell off and reattach it.  Since good old wire coat hangers are almost extinct these days, I’m now resorting to duct tape to hold it together.

I’ve tried several other chairs over the last year, but even the few that were strong enough to hold me without danger of breaking have the problem of being incredibly uncomfortable.  That may not seem like a big deal to most but since I often spend anywhere from ten to sixteen hours a day in this chair working on one thing or another, comfort is a very important issue.

I’ve thought about getting one online but the problem there is that it’s too easy to get something that LOOKS comfortable and then when you get it, turns out to be a candidate for a torture device to be used in the next SAW movie.  So buying something like this online is out for good reason.

So I guess it’s back to cruising garage sales and flea markets for second hand stuff that still has some life left in it.

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One Response to “Whatever Happened To Affordable (cheap!) Computer Desk Chairs?”

  1. I know the feeling, I was looking for a new desk chair that rolls, but still have my bright yellow stationary chair I’ve had since freshman year, cuz its unnecessarily expensivo!