Ok, so I haven’t written anything about BG recently (if at all in this
blog), but recently at the Consumer Electronics Show he was busily
pushing the "Wired Home" concept that he’s been yarping about the last
few years.

Continues Push for Wired Homes

Jan 8, 6:56 AM (ET)

LAS VEGAS (AP) – For more than a decade, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)
chairman Bill Gates and others in the tech industry have touted a
vision of a connected lifestyle, in which digital content can move
across devices throughout the home and be taken on the go. It’s been a
slow march. But as Gates kicked off the International Consumer
Electronics Show late Sunday, the industry has come further than ever
in delivering on that concept.

…Thing is, I don’t see why he’s got to yarp about it so much. A
"wired" lifestyle is not exactly something that needs to be pushed all
that much, it’s happening all around us whether we like it or no.

Frankly, the best part of the article was at the end…

To some, however, the most interesting announcement by Gates might be
the addition of Texas Hold ‘Em in its preloaded selection of games in

I think it speaks volumes when news about a poker game is more
interesting than all the rest of what BG had to say. IMO, I think it’s

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