Here’s Your Chance To Tell The FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality

October 23rd, 2009 | Posted in Censorship, Current Events, Internet, Net Neutrality, Opinion, Politics, Websites | Comments Off on Here’s Your Chance To Tell The FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission has recently proposed net neutrality rules to ensure that the Internet is free from blocking, censorship and discrimination by telecom companies Cable companies and large ISP’s.

In a nutshell, Net Neutrality means that Internet providers should treat all Internet traffic the same and forward data packets on a first come, first served basis with no regard at all for what those packets contain.

However some of these companies don’t see it that way and would rather have their say or outright control over what you can publish or access on the internet.

I’m sure you remember hearing about the backlash caused when Comcast was caught sending fake reset packets to interfere with people using bittorrent applications to access popular video & music content in spite of the fact that most (if not all) of that traffic involved perfectly legal content.

How about when Verizon Wireless was caught blocking text messages between a pro-choice reproductive rights group and its members?  I personally don’t believe in abortion but I DO believe in the rights of “pro-choice” (or any other) organizations to communicate with their members. It’s called “Freedom of speech”.

Speaking of freedom of speech, how about the time Pearl Jam’s lead singer made some anti-bush comments during a concert?  Comments that AT&T censored.  Again, I may or may not agree with what you’ve got to say, but you HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY IT AND BE HEARD!

Some of these big corporate entities would much rather squash content that they don’t agree with or that simply attempts to compete with them in some way.

Tight Net Neutrality rules would be a step toward preventing them from doing this.

Right now the Big Telecom companies are lobbying like crazy trying to stop the FCC from acting to make net neutrality the rule of the internet.

Don’t let the lobbyists for large (and mostly evil) corporate “entities” win.  NOW is the time to let your voice be heard!

Take a stand for Freedom of speech on the internet and click this link to sign the petition.  Then, take a couple more seconds to tweet it, share it on Facebook or blog about it.

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