I just caught wind of this patent application (pdf) in which Steve Jobs & Co. at Apple are trying to patent what may well be the single most annoying operating system “features” ever developed anywhere.

The idea is that, from time to time, the operating system would stop everything it’s doing and present advertisements.  The patent application goes into extensive details about many ways that this can be handled. Some ads could be disabled or skipped, the user may or may not be penalized for not looking at ads, the system may include means to make sure that they’re actually paying attention to the ad… the list goes on and on.

If Apple (or anybody else for that matter) actually ever tries to deploy something like this, I have no doubt that the backlash could easily spell the end of the company in question.  Isn’t it bad enough that we’ve got advertising blaring at us from every direction now?  Do we really need something that’s going to force us to look at the bloody things?

Steve old boy, here’s a clue for you.  This is a non-starter from the git go.  Let it die.

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