In my quest to make better videos one of the things that I keep running into is the limitations in the equipment I have available. Over the last three years or so I’ve gone from a cheapie digital camera that was on sale but limited to making 320 by 200 pictures to a webcam that could do twice that resolution but was limited to only about 15 frames per second of what I can only call super crappy “it-thinks-it’s-a-video” but is really more like a really fast slide show.  Finally in the summer of 2008 I got an camcorder that could do both 720 by 480 standard definition and 1280 by 720 high def video.

While it’s a decent camera it’s still got plenty of limitations.  One of the biggies is the fact that it’s not really made for the way I’m using it.  The position of the built-in microphone at the back of the camera, aimed at the operator, means that it was intended more for making videos of vacations, birthday parties and such… basically anything where the operator of the camera is going to be narrating the video.

cannon high definition camcorderI think that what I really need is something that’s built with professional use in mind.  Like this Canon High Definition Digital Camcorder, which includes features like 20x optical zoom, the ability to use high capacity SDHC memory cards, optical Image Stabilization and so on.

This one is definitely going on my “I really want it” list.

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