I’ve heard recently that there is supposedly “progress” being made with Iran and that some people seem to think that because Iran is now apparently willing to talk about things like send it’s stock of enriched uranium elsewhere and other things that make it look like they’re “playing nice”.

I for one don’t believe it for a minute.  Let’s set the wayback machine to October 23, 1983.  The city is Beirut, Lebanon.  At 6:25am local time agents of the ayatollah khomeini’s government had a suicide bomber drive a truck loaded with explosives into the U.S. Marines barracks.

The resulting explosion was so powerful that it shattered all of the windows in the control tower at Beirut’s international airport and reduced the barracks to a pile of rubble.  220 Marines, 18 Navy personnel and three Army soldiers were killed in the blast.

This is the same Iran that has repeatedly threatened to attack Israel with the intent of destroying the Jewish people.  This is the same Iran that has in recent years provided technology and support to North Korea’s nuclear missile program and Kim Jong Il, the madman who would have his finger on the button.

I say, don’t trust Iran.  Ever.  Regardless of what it my *look* like, they are NOT and by their own word never will be, our “friends” in any sense of the word.

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