Trust Iran?  Remember And Decide

October 26th, 2009 | Posted in Current Events, Opinion, Security | 5 Comments

I’ve heard recently that there is supposedly “progress” being made with Iran and that some people seem to think that because Iran is now apparently willing to talk about things like send it’s stock of enriched uranium elsewhere and other things that make it look like they’re “playing nice”.

I for one don’t believe it for a minute.  Let’s set the wayback machine to October 23, 1983.  The city is Beirut, Lebanon.  At 6:25am local time agents of the ayatollah khomeini’s government had a suicide bomber drive a truck loaded with explosives into the U.S. Marines barracks.

The resulting explosion was so powerful that it shattered all of the windows in the control tower at Beirut’s international airport and reduced the barracks to a pile of rubble.  220 Marines, 18 Navy personnel and three Army soldiers were killed in the blast.

This is the same Iran that has repeatedly threatened to attack Israel with the intent of destroying the Jewish people.  This is the same Iran that has in recent years provided technology and support to North Korea’s nuclear missile program and Kim Jong Il, the madman who would have his finger on the button.

I say, don’t trust Iran.  Ever.  Regardless of what it my *look* like, they are NOT and by their own word never will be, our “friends” in any sense of the word.

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5 Responses to “Trust Iran?  Remember And Decide”

  1. All this hype about their willingness to send uranium to enrich outside doesn’t impress me. It’s just another way to manipulate public oppinion (similar to Koreans), especially when we know that they have at least one secret nuclear project running. This surely doesn’t make them trustworthy.

  2. Speaking strictly for myself, I wouldn’t trust the Iranian government any farther than I could throw it one handed.

  3. 1) a)the comment was later rejected by the Ayatollah, the real leader of Iran, and b) he was misquoted, the actual farsi most definitly not say anything about wiping it off the map.

    2) Your sheer ignorance about the situation in Lebanon during the civil war is boggling. How can this situation be compared to the current situation at all.
    a) it wasn’t committed by Iran, its like saying we should America is responsible for any action comitted by any country that has ever bought American weapons or enjoyed American training (read: Sudan, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Columbia, etc etc)
    b) if that logic is extended, Iran wouldn’t have any reason to trust the US because they supported Iraq’s use of chemical warfare, supplied them intelligence and arms.
    c) it has nothing to do with trusting Iran,
    a)Now lets get to why Iran shouldn’t trust the US 1) The support of the Shah, 2) the coup against a democratic government and bring the dictator shah back to power, 3) support for Iraq indirectly through intelligence, weapons and support, protection in the international forums, 4) then later, actually fighting on their behalf against Iran

  4. of course the ayatollah would would disown such statements.  It’s called “covering your arse”, a common political move that has little if anything to do with a person’s actual position.

    I know all I need to about what happened in Lebanon on October 23, 1983.  I have zero doubt that khomeini’s government was behind the attack, probably in more ways that one.  As such I have no reason or inclination to trust or suggest that anyone else trust Iran or it’s government.  a government that has, on several occasions made it clear both directly and indirectly that the destruction of Israel is one of their ultimate goals.

    In the long run it won’ t matter.  through history it’s been proven again and again, any nation that goes against Israel is eventually destroyed completely.  In seeking the destruction of Israel Iran and other nations in that area are, in my opinion, sealing their own doom.  God said “Touch not mine anointed and do them no harm” and he meant it.

  5. Then i guess you ignored the fact that he never actually said such statement in question. Iran has never said that they will “wipe Israel off the map” they instead said that Israel is unsustainable in the same way people in the US say that communism is unsustainable.

    As for the second part, That’s like saying all we need to know about World War II is that the US nuked Japan, while true it ignores every other aspect of the war. You are ignoring that through aiding Iraq (a fact the US now conveniently forgets) thousands of Iranians were killed in horrific ways, you are ignoring the history of the US preventing democracy in Iran.
    Bottom line, its not a reason to not trust Iran, and even if it is, Iran has FAR more reasons not to trust the US.

    Lastly, “any nation that goes against Israel is destroyed completely”, like who? Palestine? How do you propose that Israel is going to “completely destroy” Iran, a) thats physically impossible, and b) isn’t it ironic that now you’re saying that Iran is going to be completely destroyed.

    Lastly, god is an illusion, he doesn’t exist, its a made-up security blanked by those too scared to face the real world.