Being tired is one thing but feeling like I do now is another entirely.  Something like three hours or so ago I left the computer to have something to eat (reasonable I think since it were the first time all day).  While I was at it I decided to pop in an old videotape copy of “Commando”, featuring the current Governor of California in one of his typically bad ass, “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” type of roles.

As I finished eating a few hot dogs smothered in sauerkraut and a bit of cornbread on the side I started getting really tired.  Kinda like you might if you’d had too many fat burner pills or something.  Although that much I’m certain of, I didn’t take anything like that since I don’t have anything like that.

The next thing I know it’s nearly three hours later and I”m waking up to answer the call of nature.  Jut getting up off the couch however is an adventure in itself because of how much every single joint in my body hurts.  Once I did manage to get up and take care of that nature call, I tried what I know somebody is suggesting… that I walk it off.

I walked and walked.  I very nearly fell a time or two because of tripping on things I didn’t see and not being able to move fast enough to shift my balance in time to avoid landing face first on the floor.

So now I find myself sitting here, too tired to stay awake, and at the same time too tired to sleep, with semi blurry vision and not a whole lot of balance.  I guess it’s time to visit YouTube or something for a while.

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