I just saw a story on slashdot about Apple computer’s ongoing copyright feud with Pystar.

It seems that now apple is arguing that why Pystar turns on a computer before they ship it (you know, to make sure it’s working right) that they’re violating copyright because turning the machine on makes a copy of the OS in RAM.

The question is however, how is the thing supposed to be used if Apple tries to make it illegal to turn the bloody thing ON?  That’s as asinine as it gets in my opinion.  Part of the whole “buy an Apple product, crawl into bed with Apple” business theology that Apple & Steve Jobs has been promoting for way too long.

I suppose that if somebody were to build old style dumb terminal kits using Apple computers as the terminals, that Jobs would have a fit over that too.

One commenter had this to say about it:

This, in fact, is the logical consequence of the absurdity that is “copyright”. Ultimately, when you look at something, the photons bouncing off its surface (a copy) enter your retinas whereby they trigger electro-chemical impulses (a copy) in your receptor cells and travel down axons to other cells (a copy) and end up bouncing around your brain (multiple copies).

As one can easily see, the argument of “unauthorized copies” in any medium, once precedents are established (as they already apparently are), must logically lead to convictions for “unauthorized copies” in your mind (also known as “illegal thoughts”). Otherwise some “copies” are unequal to others based on arbitrary rules pulled out of some law-monkey’s ass.

This will become even more apparent once technology advances to the point where computer/brain integration will become feasible and deployed on a large scale in form of mind-enhancing implants, thus blurring the distinction between a “copy” in one’s brain or one’s implants.

Copyrights (as all so-called “Intellectual Property”) are illogical, nonsensical make-believe results of greed overpowering common sense and as the time goes on and technology progresses, their utterly moronic nature will only become more and more odiously apparent.

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