Microsoft Gets Help From NSA for Vista Security

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Anyone remember the FUD that used to circulate on web forums and usenet
groups about how the NSA supposedly had a backdoor in Windows? Well,
When it comes to Vista, it’s actually possible (however likely it may or
may not be) that there could actually be something to those old claims.

Seems that the software giant is getting some "help" from the N.S.A.
in dealing with malware. I can’t help think that the fact that this bit
of genuine news and that it IS genuine and not simply FUD is
going to convince a LOT more people to move to Open Source operating
systems like Linux.

Gets Help From NSA for Vista Security

An anonymous reader writes "The Washington Post is reporting that
Microsoft received help from the National Security Agency in
protecting the Vista operating system from worms and viruses. The
Agency aimed to help as many people as they could, and chose to assist
Vista with good reason: the OS still has a 90 percent lock on the PC
market, with some 600 million Vista users expected by 2010. From the
article: ‘The Redmond, Wash., software maker declined to be specific
about the contributions the NSA made to secure the Windows operating
system … Microsoft said this is not the first time it has sought
help from the NSA. For about four years, Microsoft has tapped the spy
agency for security expertise in reviewing its operating systems,
including the Windows XP consumer version and the Windows Server 2003
for corporate customers.’"

An anonymouse poster on usenet expressed it very nicely…

The NSA has two roles in life. 1) protect their own stuff, and 2)
break stuff that belongs to everyone else.

Since Vista isn’t just NSA software does anyone else think the NSA
would be shirking its duties if it didn’t at least look for it’s own
set of exploitable holes? Or add a couple?

No way no how. Vista is poison to anyone who wants any privacy at
all. The NSA is well aware of things like Freenet, Tor, and remailers.
You’d be an idiot to believe they’re not looking for ways to crack
them. And a fool to believe they wouldn’t take advantage of any if
they had the opportunity. The mass wire taps on US soil already tell
us they care nothing about being found out.


FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
(or deception)

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