Not Just Watching Tutorials Any More

November 16th, 2009 | Posted in Cool Videos, Tutorials, video | Comments Off on Not Just Watching Tutorials Any More

In the last couple or three years I have spent a lot of time watching tutorials on YouTube.  So much so in fact that once my wife had the idea that I’d need eye cream for dark circles under my eyes from spending so much time watching them.  I have to admit that I have watched a lot of them, even for software that I don’t have because I’ve found that frequently there are techniques that can be adapted to different video editing software.

Now I’m finally on the other side of that equation, making the tutorial instead of just watching.  In this first one, I show how to create a reflection effect that looks like the text (or an image) in question has a reflection in a polished or quiet liquid surface.

I’d like to improve on that effect by finding a way to include ripples, splashes and the look of a flowing current in the liquid surface.  This would produce a much more dramatic, not to mention extremely cool, effect and one of these days I’ll get it figured out.  In the meantime, this one isn’t bad if I *do* say so myself.

Coming soon, How to improve sound on CamStudio recordings in Sony Vegas.

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