I know that people are always being told that it’s important to have antivirus software and to keep it up to date and working but it’s not too often that I see examples of why this is so.

I had a first hand demonstration of not only why it’s a good idea but that Avast! free version in particular was a good choice on my part.

A couple of days ago I was auto surfing through one of those traffic exchanges (yeah, I know, but I only use the one for a few sites to try to boost their exposure a bit.).  I had to leave the room for a few minutes so I left it running while I was gone.  When I returned I had this notification on my screen that Avast! had detected a virus.

When I checked the details it turned out to be a file that came from one of the sites that was in the auto-surfer.  Avast! prevented it from doing anything and waited until I could tell it to delete the file in question.  This undoubtedly saved me from being attacked by a drive-by download.

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