I don’t see what there is to debate, Net neutrality is an essential part of freedom
of speech on the internet.  It’s time they quit the debating and get somehting passed
that will solidify our Internet rights permanently.

to Debate Net Neutrality

evw writes "The NYTimes is reporting that legislation was
introduced in the Senate on Tuesday in support of Net Neutrality. It is
bipartisan legislation introduced by Olympia Snowe, R-Maine and Byron
Dorgan, D-N. Dakota, however the article notes that Senator Snowe is one
of the few Republicans that supports it. "Senior lawmakers, emboldened
by the recent restrictions on AT&T and the change in control of
Congress, have begun drafting legislation that would prevent high-speed
Internet companies from charging content providers for priority access."
This isn’t the first attempt. Last year a similar amendment was blocked.
However, conditions placed on AT&T in its merger with SBC have
emboldened supporters of the legislation."

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