If you’re still not convinced that Obama’s universal health care plan is largely a gigantic problem trying desperately to happen, there’s a video on YouTube that you should take four and a half minutes and watch entitled “Exposed! Obama Care Not Good Enough For Obama!“.

And no, the title is not just sensationalism either.  Obama was asked point blank if he would live within his plan if his wife or daughter were ill and doctors wanted to do stuff that the plan did not cover.

His answer was long and drawn out, something that I think was intended to distract people from the main core of his answer, namely that If it were his wife, daughter, grandmother, Etc.  Then of course he would do everything he could for them.

While the sentiment that a man would do anything for his family is expected and noble, the idea that this person wants the bulk of the country to live with this socialist health care system while he himself would not is, in my opinion, pure grade A crap.  Especially when you realize that Congress has made sure that THEY are EXEMPT from the “public option”.  (Just goes to show, never trust anyone who can vote their own raises!)

I think that the ONLY way that we have ANY hope of coming up with a health care plan that works is if the rich and the politicians are required to live within the plan that they create for the rest of us.

Check out the video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK3UcPVh8VY.  Tell your friends & family to have a look at it and spread the word further.  It’s time for a wake up call concerning this socialist plan before it’s too late.

“Politicians are like diapers.  Both need to be changed frequently for the same reason.” -Author unknown.

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