When somebody asks me what I want for Christmas, the first thing that I think of is almost inevitably software.  The problem with that is that, as I suppose is to be expected, the system requirements for most software is setting the bar higher and higher these days.

Think about it.  There was a time, not all that long ago, when a 200mhz Pentium computer with a 10gb hard drive and 512mb of RAM would run just about every software package out there.  Of course in those days I only had a 120mhz machine with a puny 1gb hard drive and 16mb of RAM at the time.

Since then the bar has gone much higher.  These days I’m running a 1.6ghz Athlon Sempron 2400+ with 2gb of RAM and a 250gb hard drive.  This is the most powerful machine I’ve ever had and it took me almost two years to buy all the parts to build it myself.  Yet when I look at the software packages on sale these days, I find that once again I’m sitting in front of a computer that is not capable of running more than 90% of it.

Hell, I’ve even run into some things that will even refuse to install because they can’t detect certain features they need to run.  Talk about infuriating!  This means that anytime I talk about wanting a certain software package, like say Adobe After Effects, I have to include the qualifier; “and a computer capable of running it”.

hp pavilion elite desktopThat’s why I think that this year I’m going to be focusing more on getting a computer that is capable of running today’s software.  From what I’ve seen, something like this HP Desktop ought to keep me current in terms of what it can run for at least a couple of years or until they start building CPU’s with 32 cores on them.

That way I could go ahead and get some of that software I’ve been wanting and actually be able to run it at more than a snail’s pace!

If for no other reason that I’ve never been in that situation, Just once in my life I want to have a totally “state of the art” system that could handle everything I could throw at it for more than just a few months before it started falling into obsolescence.  Or worse, be obsolete long before I even ordered (or built) it!

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