Better Lighting For Chroma Key

November 29th, 2009 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff, Visual Effects | 2 Comments

Anyone that’s seen how my most recent video turned out because of the way I abused the color correction tools to make the green screen usable will agree that I really need to put together something, anything to improve how that green screen is lit up.

Granted, I have sunlight coming in the windows during the early afternoon but we’re headed into winter and that’s going to mean months of dingy gray clouds and no bright sunlight to speak of.  Let along light that is cooperative enough to be there when I need it.

work-lightIf you have ever looked into studio lighting then you’ll know that it’s expensive stuff, even when it’s on sale.  Fortunately I’ve come up with a couple of ideas that should do the trick.

One is to wire up a couple of those really bright halogen headlights to a twelve volt power supply.  I would think that they would easily be bright enough since I get full on blinded every time I make the mistake of driving at night because SOME idiots don’t understand the courtesy of dimming high-beams when there’s oncoming traffic!  But that’s a rant of it’s own entirely.

The other, and easier option is to just get a couple of work lights and position one on each side of the green screen for even illumination.

This also has the advantage of being portable for times when I’m shooting at some location other than my studio.

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2 Responses to “Better Lighting For Chroma Key”

  1. That’s an useful information, but I just saw the image used in the article above, I really think you need to use some good quality png images or you need to learn to crop the images better. Just a suggestion no hard feelings :)

  2. Normally I do use png’s and and I usually do a much better job of cropping them.  All I can say is that I had an off day.