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After the recent fiasco with Avast! getting a bad update and swamping people with hundreds, or even thousands, of false positives I got to thinking that I got off pretty easy in that mess.  I had allowed Avast to start a boot time scan and it was finding tons of stuff.  So I stopped the scan and rebooted, disabled avast entirely and started looking for information which is when I found out about the bad update.

Ok, so they got a new update out within a couple of hours or so that fixed it all and that’s great (should have been faster I think though, even if all they did was take the last known good update, give it a higher version number and re-issue it just to stop the problems.  However it got me thinking that yeah, I *DID* get off pretty easy.  I only had to drag a couple dozen files out of the virus chest after I updated Avast with the fixed definition file and all was back to normal.

On the other hand I saw plenty of people talking about losing hundreds, even thousands of files.  Many of these were system files.  I saw one report where a guy lost his entire c:\Windows directory and everything below it.  If he didn’t have a whole crapload of backups then right about now he’s probably finishing up with a complete re-install of everything.

For a long time I’ve had a habit of keeping backup copies of my browser and email programs (both portable editions) and a bunch of important files on a flash drive but the thing is, as big as they’re getting these days, a flash drive just isn’t going to back up an entire 250GB hard drive.

Iomega eGo Hard Driveso I decided to have a look around for some better backup options.  That’s when I saw this Iomega eGo Hard Drive…. and since it’s got an effing Terabyte of capacity it’s easily up to keeping several complete backups of my entire system.  And since it’s a USB device, it wouldn’t be connected unless an updated backup were being saved, that way it doesn’t get to fall victim to whatever decides to eat my system up from the inside.

I think that the one thing that surprised me the most about the sale page was the Iomega brand name.  Maybe I’ve been living under a rock or something (possible, I AM a hermit you know) but the last thing I remember Iomega poducing was the Iomega Zip Drive back when they were new technology and the disks sold for something like $30 each with 100MB capacity.

Mind you that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the Iomega name or anything.  It’s just been off my radar for years.

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