Ok folks, this is beyond rediculous, it’s an outrage.

Found Guilty of Endangering Kids Due to Spyware

Norwich, Conn seventh grade teacher, Julie Amero has been convicted
of four counts of risk of injury to a minor after her classroom PC
displayed pornographic pop-ups in class. While an expert for the
defendant said he had discovered spyware on her PC that had been
downloaded from a hairstyling site, the local police investigator
claimed that the spyware had been downloaded from actively visiting
porn sites. Amero testified that she had told four other teachers and
the assistant principal about the popups, but received no assistance.
The school’s internet filtration software was not working because it’s
license had expired. Amero faces up to forty years in prison.

The first thing I’ve got to say about this is that Even *IF* this
teacher did, in fact, visit porn sites in full view of students it does
not warrant even the thought of a forty year prison term. That’s just
plain rediculous, such a term should not even be possible in a case like

Secondly, The police investigator should spend some time listening to
people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to things like
spyware and websites that have been hacked. The expert that testified
for the defendant is very likely 100% correct and the spyware infection
came from an otherwise innocent site that had been hacked to include the
malware for unsuspecting visitors.

Other than that the school, if it HAS to use filtration software with a
license that expires, REALLY needs to keep track of it and renew the
license BEFORE it expires. Personally I think the teacher has grounds
for a lawsuit against the school because of what that failure has cost
her. Seriously, she’s lost her job, reputation and suffered a lot of
unreasonable consequences because whoever is responsible for maintaining
the school’s computers didn’t bother to get a license renewed.

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