Merry Bat-Christmas??

December 14th, 2009 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff | Comments Off on Merry Bat-Christmas??

Ever had one of those really really oddball neighbors?  Well, I’ve got a few of them but I think that this time one has far outstripped the others.  We were talking about Christmas plans and so on when I made the mistake of asking him what’s the one thing he *really* wants for Christmas (knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it since this guy’s like two or three tax brackets up from me.) and without even a single moment’s hesitation he answered (with a straight face mind you), “The Batmobile”.

I answered with something like “C’mon, seriously, what do you really want?” and he replies, “Seriously, I want the Batmobile.  Specifically the one from the 1966 tv series.”

batmobile owners manualI could tell by the look on his face that he really WAS serious and while I have to say that he’s pretty well heeled financially, I don’t think he’s up to being able to afford that even if he DID manage to find it on sale by some miracle.  The last time I heard about it being sold it went for something over ten million or more.

That’s when I had this great idea.  You see, I was thinking about getting him one of those fancy scale model replicas of it.  The kind with a few hundred parts and tons of detail involved.  Then I saw this, The Batmobile Owner’s Manual and thought that not only would it be an interesting gift idea for somebody so interested in the Batmobile, who knows, he might even be able to use the information in the book to reverse engineer the thing and build his own Batmobile.

Granted, building a copy isn’t the same as owning the original but it’s bound to be a heck of a lot less expensive to do and not only that, it wont involve convincing the current owner to sell.

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