One of my more well off neighbors is getting ready to take a nice long vacation in the Dominican Republic to get away from the frankly bone chilling cold around here.  That part is all great, but in the meantime, until he actually leaves I get to hear (over and over) about all his plans and this great punta cana all inclusive deal he’s latched onto, the fishing trips he’s planning, the parties and so on.  I’ll be grateful when he finally packs the whole fam-damliy in the car and heads off to get stated on his vacation.  The only problem being that he’ll eventually return.

Honestly, I have to admit I’d love to take a vacation like that myself … for about six months.  Back when I was a kid the winters in Oklahoma, southern Missouri and Arkansas weren’t anything like they are these days.  Back then it was news if the temps dropped into the 30’s and on the one or two times a year that it snowed, that brought EVERYTHING to a halt.

The thing I just don’t get is that in spite of winters getting colder and the summers being a lot milder these days than they were a few brief decades ago, there’s literally millions of people all over the place that actually believe that the Earth is warming up.

Well, I’m sorry to burst their bubble (not), but it isn’t getting warmer, it’s getting colder.  Not only that but if these floons get to mess around with the ecology the way they’re wanting to, it’s going to get a hell of a lot colder a lot faster than it would have otherwise.

“Global warming” you say?  Sorry, I’m sitting here freezing my arse off and you’re trying to tell me it’s warmer?  Sorry, that sounds like brain damage to me, you better get that looked at.  At the very least you’re overdue for a CAT scan.

Ah well, maybe when the average temp is down to 34 degree they’ll start to get a clue that it’s NOT getting warmer, not even in their imagination.

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