Some of my neighbors can be truly unreal in the extreme.

There’s the guy about five houses down that is actually afraid of computers, won’t even allow one in his house, yet every once in a while he’s coming to me to have me find something or other for him online.  There’s another guy about three houses in the other direction that isn’t afraid of computers…  He just wants everybody to think he’s some kind of “373it3 Hax0r”.  The problem is that when he’s trying to show off it usually doesn’t take him long before he’s rendered the poor machine all but unusable.  I swear he’s had windows re-installed something like 14 times in just the last year alone.

Then there’s the guy that wants everybody to believe he’s a really big cheese.  He goes around telling people that he’s actually got not one but THREE jobs in finance.  The part he’s not telling them is that he works for a cleaning service that has a contract with three local banks… they go in after hours and wash & wax the floors twice a month.

Then there’s my favorite.  Thankfully he doesn’t have the strange issues that the others do.  He simply believes that the answer to any problem is money.  If a problem can’t be solved, just throw some more money at it and keep throwing money ’til it’s fixed.

It’s not true of course, but I’d love to have the resources he does.  Money doesn’t solve everything by a long shot but with even a tenth of his cash there are quite a few of the more mundane problems that money CAN solve.

Ah well, maybe next year.

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