If I were to tell you that the sale of home security systems is causing an increase in break ins and home invasions you would think I was out of my mind wouldn’t you?

Well, those that have been screaming bloody murder over various forms of piracy, music, movies and lately, E-Books, are essentially trying to do just that.

A recent example is an article on CNN.  In one breath you have publishers whining and crying about how piracy is costing them a bloody fortune and in the next you see clear evidence to the contrary.  Like for example this quote:

Sales for digital books in the second quarter of 2009 totaled almost $37 million. That’s more than three times the total for the same three months in 2008, according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP).

There have been similar revelations about the music and movie industries.  They claim that piracy is costing them millions, even billions, of dollars yet they are at the same time posting all time record profits.

It seems to me that it’s long past time to put this baby to bed and give it a rest.  We’re tired of all the crying and whining, shut up and take a nap in all that effing money you’re making.

The truth of the matter is that yes, a lot of people do download pirated copies of music, movies and e-books.  However it’s also true that sales of the same are skyrocketing.  My favorite theory is that there’s a ton of people using the pirated copies as a “try before you buy” tactic.  They get the movie, music or e-book and check it out.  Then, if they like it, they buy a legal copy of it.  If not, they simply delete it and go on to the next thing.

If publishers of content would actually “GET” this idea, they could stand to make a humongous fortune by A, not spending so much time, money and effort on combating individual piracy and B, actually getting a clue and facillitating the “try before you buy” model.

It’s worked or shareware software authors for nigh on a couple of decades now, seems to me that big content could learn a thing or six from them.

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