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Some people never seem to get a clue.  This includes people such as Pat Robetson.  You may remember that after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack, Robertson was in agreement Rev. Jerry Falwell when he said that Americans in favor of abortion, homosexuality, and the separation of church and state had angered God and brought the attacks on.

Well, you’ve probably heard already that he’s had another one of his breeches of sanity and failure to keep his mouth from spouting hateful horse crap when he made a statement on CBN about Haiti being cursed because of their ancestors having made a deal with the devil, that they’d serve him in exchange for getting rid of the French.

While he did not come right out and say that this earthquake was God’s judgment on them for the sins of their ancestors, he certainly implied the daylights out of it!

What Robertson apparently doesn’t get is the fact that when it comes to deciding whom to serve, everybody makes their own choice and even IF what he said about Haitian people making a deal with the devil way back when there’s two obvious things that makes his implication not only offensive, but total BS.

1.  Even if it did happen, it almost certainly did not include ALL Haitians and probably not even most of them.

2. The choices about whom to serve that people made long ago has nothing to do with people today.  Everybody has to make their own choice and live with the consequences of that choice.

It’s people like this, flapping their jaws making idiotic, ignorant statements like Robertson has that just help people find fault with Christians and Christianity in general.  With friends like Robertson, the church doesn’t need any enemies!

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