I was reading through some accutane reviews (my “helpful” neighbor just won’t shut up until I look over all 347 sites he’s found in his “research”) when I ran across an article on Boston.com that caught my eye.

Police fight cellphone recordings
Witnesses taking audio of officers arrested, charged with illegal surveillance

As it turns out, they’re using a 1968 Mass. law that prohibits making audio recordings unless everybody concerned has consented to the recording as an excuse to arrest people who are recording police activities, particularly illegal stuff like excessive force and worse, and charge them with illegal wiretapping.

Never mind the fact that the law in question was enacted to protect people from having their telephone conversations recorded without their knowledge.  Never mind the fact that more and more police are using and abusing the patriot act as an excuse to commit (and get away with) all kinds of civil rights violations including their own version of domestic spying … surveillance done without benefit of probable cause or a warrant.

I think that there needs to be something done about this.  The law needs to be changed and clarified so that people who are recording audio or video with audio of police activities don’t get arrested and hit with totally bogus charges like this.

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