My house is one of those older ones that was built back in the seventies and because of settling over the years, some things just don’t fit together quite as tight as they used to when it was new.

For example a few years ago I spent a lot of time sealing a crack in the joint between the fireplace chimney and the outer wall that had become so wide that you could see daylight through it from across the room.  There were places that the gap was almost a half an inch.  Needless to say that while this might not be so bad in warm weather it was a royal pain in the winter, so much cold air was blowing in that it *almost* out worked the furnace’s efforts to warm the house.

Well, I went out and found some caulk and a caulking gun on sale and got to work sealing it up.  It took quite a while because it was like that on both sides of the chimney and sealing a gap that wide took several applications.

Micathermic Panel HeaterNow however, years later, the cold is getting in again.  Because I haven’t been able to find out where the cold air is coming from I’m thinking that maybe what I need to do is just get one of those Micathermic Panel Heaters and use that to supplement the furnace.  It may cost some electricity but that’s going to be a whole lot easier to bear than the price of buying another tank of propane.  That stuff is effing expensive these days!

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