Ok I’m sure everybody knows about the Earthquake disaster in Haiti and how much devastation there is and how badly they need literally everything, especially medical aid.  I know that loads of people have donated and more will.  But what about those who just don’t have it to give?  I’m not talking about the people who are more interested in what blackhead remover to use than anything else, I’m talking about compassionate people who would love to be able to help but just don’t have the money to donate.

Well, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams of smpfilms has one answer.  He’s already given to the effort but for every 100,000 views that this video gets, he’s donating $300 to the relief effort in Haiti.

In addition to watching this video, take some time to share it around too.

UPDATE: When the deadline arrived he set the original video to “private” and put up this video showing a screen capture of him making the donation.  In the end, he added more of his own money (he had already been donating to the cause) to the total of all of the profits from views on that video and donated it to the Red Cross relief effort in Haiti.

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