How Not To Care For Dry Skin

January 21st, 2010 | Posted in Humor, Medicine, Misc Assorted General Stuff | Comments Off on How Not To Care For Dry Skin

Like many people I have a problem with dry skin in the winter months.  I’m sure it’s mainly caused by being inside most of the time with the heat running which also drys out the air.  A neighbor noticed this the other day and announced to me that he’s got the ultimate cure for the problem that absolutely never fails and keeps him from having any kind of dry, cracking skin problems.

Of course you can see this coming, he wanted me to try the stuff.  I agreed to check it out only on the condition that I know how he makes it, not because I want to steal his formula, rather because this guy’s had some really weird ideas in the past and I’m particular about keeping my skin intact even if it is dry.

So we head over to his kitchen where he starts whipping up a batch that he’s going to give me.  It didn’t take long before I saw that he was true to form with the weird, I stopped him when I saw him reach for a tube of Preparation H and start adding it to his concoction.  “Dude, that’s a treatment for hemorrhoid, NOT something to use for moisturizing skin!”

He was surprised at my reaction and tried to explain why he considered it to be a crucial ingredient but I didn’t hear most of it because I was so dumbfounded that anyone would want to cover large areas of their body with something like that.  Especially since he also put in about six cloves of garlic.  Just imagine the smell!

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