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January 21st, 2010 | Posted in Marketing, Medicine, Misc Assorted General Stuff | Comments Off on Almost The Right Stuff

In my last post I was talking about my neighbor’s odd idea of a way to treat dry skin.  Well, just out of curiosity I did a bit of searching and found out something.

It turns out that if he’d drop the Preparation H and the Garlic from what he was making, he might just have something that, while not quite a dry skin treatment, could serve as an eczema treatment.  Why? because he used a lot of coconut oil in it.

My searching revealed that coconut oil can do a lot to treat skin allergies, especially when it comes to eczema.

Some of the benefits of using coconut oil include reducing inflammation, protects the skin from damaging caused by ultraviolet radiation form the sun (which is why it’s so often used in sunscreen formulas), and it improves the utilization of essential fatty acids and keeps them from being oxidized.

I’m just wondering if I should tell him this or keep it to myself and develop my own product.  Probably not, I can’t see myself in that kind of manufacture and marketing.  I’d much rather be making videos full time.

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