That question isn’t about our physical makeup but rather our personalities.  What makes us who we are?  If you think about it, you’ll probably agree that there’s a LOT of different aspects to who we are.  Some of them are decent enough, others are downright cool, many are sorta in between because it depends on the situation that they’re facing as to how they’ll deal with it (if they do at all).

Then there’s the darker side of us.  One aspect of which I call “The Troll”.  He’s everything we don’t like about ourselves (and many other people too).  Selfish, hateful, angry, and determined to take over and crush what or who he doesn’t like and take whatever he wants.  He’s the guy that would light up a Dutch Master in an elevator simply because it was against the rules, daring somebody to do something about it.  He farts in public, preferably in close quarters where there’s lots of people or where there’s good acoustics that will make for a cool echo.  And he absolutely HATES diets, exercise and anything that resembles self control or self improvement.

Given that, I’ve started making a series of videos that explore these bits of who we are in the context of “what if you could talk to them face to face”

[Edit: 6/23/12 I’ve updated these videos to the remastered versions which are MUCH better quality than the originals]

There’s six videos in the series so far but I have to say that I’m having a lot of fun with The Troll.  Here’s the first video he appeared in:

I had so much fun with the first troll video that I just had to do another one. 

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