Online Grocery Shopping?

February 1st, 2010 | Posted in Internet, Marketing, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Shopping | Comments Off on Online Grocery Shopping?

Now I get it that there’s some grocery stores that have websites where you can place an order, pay online and either have it ready to pick up or even delivered to your home but THIS is a new one on me.

Seems that one of my more financially well off neighbors, a guy that likes to be on the cutting edge of everything just so that he can say he is, received a pretty large shipment via UPS a couple days ago.  What made me curious is that all the boxes had the familiar Amazon books logo on them.

My curiosity peaked, I had to go over and find out what the deal was with getting half a UPS truckload of stuff in one shipment.  His answer surprised me no end.  “groceries”.

I watched as he started opening box after box and sure enough, it was food items of all sorts.  Nothing perishable like fresh vegetables & such but still, that was a lot of foodstuffs just the same, throw in some new kitchenware and a collection of spices just for good measure and it was true.  He’d done the bulk of his grocery shopping online at Amazon.


Personally, I’m going to stick with my local supermarket and an occasional trip to the wally world stuper-center.

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