Last week we had a fairly severe winter storm.  It started out with freezing rain and sleet which lasted for about eight hours or so in my area.  After this it changed over to snow and that snow proceeded to fall for no less than twelve to fifteen hours.  (I’m not exactly sure because it was snowing when I went to sleep and had stopped when I got up.)

The next morning everything looked beautiful the way things generally do after a snowstorm (‘course it’s only beautiful until you have to drive in it.  Then it’s just a mess.) That’s when I looked down the street and saw a neighbor digging out his driveway so that he could get out when the roads were clear enough.  What I saw however wasn’t just your normal case of dude doing his thing with a shovel.

You see this guy, whom I’ll call “Brains”, had another one of his “brilliant” ideas.  He had cleared the snow and was faced with the inch or so thick layer of ice that had formed underneath it before the snow fell.  He had carpeted it.

Seriously, instead of doing a normal thing and spreading ice melt all over the thing like most people do, he had laid down throw rugs, carpet remnants and all sorts of similar things in two rows lined up with the tires on his car parked in the carport.  In a way I can see what he was doing.  He’d made a carpeted pathway for his tires all the way to the street which means that he’d be able to use the driveway without getting stuck or ending up spinning his tires and going nowhere.

In a way I suppose it’s ingenious but still.  That’s also an awful lot of work and not everybody has enough carpet samples and throw rugs to get the job done.

I think I’ll stick with using road salt.

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