I know, I was just writing about a good possibility for a laptop not long ago but this HP Pavilion Laptop is one of those that I find hard to resist just because of it’s hardware capabilities.

What are they?

There’s loads of features like:

Intel Core i5-430M dual core processor

It runs at 2.26GHz and something called “Turbo Boost Technology” (does that make anyone else think of Knight Rider?) that jacks the clock speed up to 2.53 GHz

It comes with 4gb of RAM and can be expanded to 8gb of RAM.
320gb hard drive
Intel HD Graphics with up to 1696 Megs of video memory

It’s just too powerful not to want it.

HP Pavilion LaptopGiven the obvious horsepower in terms of hardware I would even be willing to try out Windows 7 home premium since that’s the OS that it comes with.  Yeah, I know that the Home premium doesn’t have the fabled “XP Mode” but if nothing else I could always set up a virtual machine on it running XP Pro and / or some flavor of Linux.

It’s also cool that it’s actually on sale as well.  With a list price of $1036 that gets cut down to $699.95 after rebate, it gets even more attractive.

Of course, my main use for a powerhouse like that would be obvious… video editing, *Finally* being able to run programs like After Effects, Particle Illusion, DAZ 3D, and others that simply ask entirely too much of my current (and now obsolete) Athlon Sempron 2400+.

For video projects that use software I’ve already got the advantage is in cutting rendering times down drastically.  With my current setup I have seen a seven minute video take as long as nine hours to render.  With that workhorse, that same project could easily get done in a quarter of that time.  That’s worth it all by itself!!!

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