I a recent post I talked about a neighbor that carpeted his driveway as a way to deal with the ice that still covered it after he’d removed the snow.  Well, it seems that I got to laughing so much about the whole mess that I forgot to include the punchline.

After all that work laying down two rows of carpeting all the way down the driveway it turns out that he could have saved the effort and just waited another day or two like the rest of us.  He finished up all that and got in the car and that’s when he found out that with all his “brains”, he had forgotten to do some simple battery maintenance and the thing was as flat as they get.

Not only did it not start, it didn’t even turn over.  Not even a click from the solenoid or the most feeble glow from any of the dashboard lights.

I know it’s not nice to laugh at others’ misfortune and I don’t mean it in an unkind way.  It’s just one of those things that struck me funny in an ironic sort of way.  It’s also not something I’m going to be telling him about.

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