Why is a fake movie trailer cool? Well, in this case because it’s just SO convincing.  Without meaning any disrespect to women let’s face it.  Anybody above the age of 15 or so knows full well that there are times when things just ain’t so rosy.

It’s during those times when those men who actually have a clue take extra care to be sure to do the little things that help.  Like even if it IS the best zit cream on the planet, if it’s not the exact brand, size, shape, color, flavor, etc, etc that the lady asked for then we go out hunting and don’t return until we’ve found that exact thing because we’ve been there.  We *know* that what might not matter most of the time often DOES matter a heck of a lot and if our going that extra mile will make things easier for her then it’s worth it.

And besides, a wise man knows when to act in self preservation.

This trailer is an industrial strength exaggeration, but I think that’s part of what makes it funny.  I will advise however to be careful when showing it to your ladies.  There’s a real chance that many won’t find it so funny.  Even if most of the time they would.

If you watch Film Riot’s episodes six through nine you’ll see how the effects used in this were done and how to do them yourself.

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