Another Cool Movie Trailer

February 16th, 2010 | Posted in Cool Videos, Entertainment, video, Vlogging, youtube | Comments Off on Another Cool Movie Trailer

Speaking of movie trailers.  Here’s one that I made the other day.  The story behind this is that late last December I got into a weight loss competition with a group of people on YouTube.  A few days ago I got into another one.  Then I had the inspiration to combine that with the fact that I’ve been wanting to make an epic battle kind of movie trailer thing for a while.

I’m just hoping that “Mr. Helpful” doesn’t see this because if he does I’ll be in for another round of his coming up with his idea of the best diet supplements on the planet and trust me, you wouldn’t want to use most of his ideas.  I think that most of them work by making you so sick to your stomach that the mere thought of eating makes you hurl.

Edit: Sorry, but I ended up taking this video down because it had copyright issues because of the music and I don’t want that kind of problem on my main youtube channel because I hope to become a partner someday

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