It seems that anymore I have to stop what I’m doing at least once, sometimes two or even three times a day to clean out a mouse because of all the mysterious gunk that manages to collect on the rollers inside of it.

Though to be honest, the source of that gunk isn’t quite so mysterious anymore.  I finally figured out that it’s coming from the mouse ball itself.  The mouse in question is at LEAST ten, perhaps twelve years old and the ball is showing visible signs of wear.  It’s not as bad as the mouse that was recently retired… that one had so much wear that the black was almost entirely gone from the ball, having been rubbed off over the last decade of use.

logitech LX5 3 button optical mouseI know, mice aren’t actually made with the idea that they’ll still be in use a decade later but I have always been the kind of guy that prefers to get the most possible use out of something before replacing it.

Then of course, when I DO replace it, I don’t want just any old mouse you find on sale, I want something that’s going to last a LONG time.  Preferably something that has a chance of lasting for the next ten years or more.  Something like this Logitech optical mouse, which I chose for two main reasons.

First Logitech is, in my opinion, THE name in mice.  I’ve never had a logitech mouse give problems if it was used and cared for properly.  The second is because this one is an optical mouse which means that there’s no more mouse ball to deal with and no more needing to clean internal rollers as bits of the ball material eventually end up gumming up the works so that it doesn’t work until taken apart and cleaned thoroughly.

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