For The Paranoid Among Us

March 16th, 2010 | Posted in domestic spying, Privacy, Security, Technology | Comments Off on For The Paranoid Among Us

Time was when the classic image of somebody bugging somebody electronically involved finding a Sam Spade wannabe in some hole in the wall office with little more than a filing cabinet or two, a bottle of scotch and a huge desk that served as a place to store a box of Dutch Master cigars, a bottle of scotch and a loaded gun for when the “bad guys” showed up to rough him up.

Now it’s all too easy for almost anybody to get hold of some very sophisticated electronic snooping gear just by ordering it online.  And there are more and more people doing the snooping too.  It’s not just relegated to Humphrey Bogart lookalikes or the government’s assortment of “men in black”.  It could be a suspicious spouse, a nosy neighbor, or (if you’re well off enough) a thief who wants to be sure of when you’re planning to be gone for a few hours so that they can clean you out at their leisure.

Well, I just saw a good answer to that problem on Think Geek, it’s a mini bug detector that can spot nearly all types of wireless transmitters.  What’s really cool is that it’s actually fairly cheap to own given the wide range of stuff it can detect.

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